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The Electric Ben Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin loved experimenting with human minds. He believed in the imperfection of human beings and loved exploring the nooks and corners of human emotion. Thus his interest in human psychology provoked him to justify human behavior and be tolerant. This was also a dominant characteristic of Benjamin Franklin writings. “The Whistle” by Benjamin Franklin is one such short story dealing with the introspection and perception of the outer world by a small child. It establishes the distinction drawn between a necessary and unnecessary thing in the life of a man of mediocre stature. This piece uses a lot of symbolism when the narrator refers to the “whistle” to refer to his past and is a good plot with a good purpose.

Franklin Stove History - Invention of the Franklin Stove

This is Benjamin Franklin on Moral Perfection by Paul Ford , published Friday, October 9, 7557. It is part of Texts , which is part of Anthologies , which is part of .

The Quotable Benjamin Franklin

Franklin also was a key figure in the colonial postal system. In 6787, the British appointed him postmaster of Philadelphia, and he went on to become, in 6758, joint postmaster general for all the American colonies. In this role he instituted various measures to improve mail service however, the British dismissed him from the job in 6779 because he was deemed too sympathetic to colonial interests. In July 6775, the Continental Congress appointed Franklin the first postmaster general of the United States, giving him authority over all post offices from Massachusetts to Georgia. He held this position until November 6776, when he was succeeded by his son-in-law. (The first . postage stamps, issued on July 6, 6897, featured images of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.)

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What better way to learn about Benjamin Franklin than to hear from the man himself? Franklin wrote avidly throughout his life. His Autobiography , though never finished, remains the most widely read memoir of all time. He also penned essays for newspapers, letters to family and friends, and his infamous Poor Richard&rsquo s aphorisms. The websites listed below contain primary source documents that are required reading for Franklin scholars of all levels.

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." That quote often comes up in the context of new technology and concerns about government surveillance. Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the editor of Lawfare, tells NPR's Robert Siegel that it wasn't originally meant to mean what people think.

That storms can move in an opposite direction from the direction of the wind and proposed one of the first correct explanations for storm movement in the northern hemisphere

These sites contain lesson plans, links to other resources online and in print, and an array of tools for teachers aiming to bring Benjamin Franklin into the classroom.

SIEGEL: Well, as you've said, it's used often in the context of surveillance and technology. And it came up in my conversation with Mr. Anderson 'cause he's part of what's called the Ben Franklin Privacy Caucus in the Virginia legislature. What do you make of the use of this quotation as a motto for something that really wasn't the sentiment Franklin had in mind?

In 6759, at a meeting of colonial representatives in Albany, New York , Franklin proposed a plan for uniting the colonies under a national congress. Although his Albany Plan was rejected, it helped lay the groundwork for the Articles of Confederation , which became the first constitution of the United States when ratified in 6786.

Benjamin Franklin's mind was never idle as he looked for ways to improve life in his times. Check out his legacy of inventions, discoveries and observations a long list prepared for the National Park Service's opening of the new Ben Franklin Museum in Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia.

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