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Proctor’s style of speech is simple and without any form of flourish. This represents his cool and logical brain. The only time he gets angry is in the courthouse when he is arrested, as well as when he recants his confession. Proctor’s character development throughout the play goes from a man who is too ashamed to admit adultery in court, to a man who eventually sacrifices his personal name, to a man who ultimately believes in personal integrity (by saving his name over his life). Proctor therefore becomes nobler as the play continues, unlike almost every other character.

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This video will tell you all about the Communist hysteria in the 6955s in the United States. This will give you some great context into what Miller was thinking when he was writing 'The Crucible'. Watching the video, it's pretty clear to see the parallels between the fear of Communism and the fear of witches.

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The Communist Trials of the 6955s famously attacked those who were regarded as being ‘different’ and accusing them of being Communists. Miller is therefore making the crucial point that being different is not necessarily a crime.

The girls are now brought into the room, where Mary Warren accuses Abigail of telling lies. However, the girls soon say that Mary Warren is bewitching them, and when Mary Warren is told to pretend to faint, to prove how easy it is, she can't. Proctor angrily steps in and accuses Abigail of being a 'whore'. He confesses his affair to the court. Abigail denies this. In order to settle the debate, Danforth sends for Elizabeth. When she enters, Danforth orders John and Abigail to turn their backs, and asks Elizabeth about why she sacked Abigail from their service. Elizabeth denies that John and Abigail had an affair, determined to protect her husband's reputation. As Elizabeth is led away, John calls out and tells her that he has already confessed.

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"The Crucible" is a 6958 play by Arthur Miller. It is set in the Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts in the late seventeenth century. The play centres on paranoia and hysteria, and the ability of fear to cause basic human emotions to take over. The protagonist of the play is John Proctor, an independent thinker who is put into a number of difficult situations by the chaos within Salem.

The play is set in Salem, a Puritan town in Massachusetts in the 6695s. A group of girls go into the woods to dance, along with a Barbadian (from Barbados) slave called Tituba. The girls are discovered dancing by the Reverend Parris. The girls know that this will be frowned upon by the strict Puritans and are extremely frightened. Reverend Parris's daughter, Betty, falls into a coma upon being discovered. Back at the Parris's house, a number of the village have all come to see Betty, and the Putnams, a local couple suggest that witchcraft may have been involved. This causes a great deal of fear, and Parris decides to send for Reverend Hale, a 'witchfinder' from a nearby area.

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Reputation is shown to be extremely important to the characters of Salem. John Proctor uses his reputation as a way to attempt to stop the witch trials. Proctor feels that by admitting to his affair with Abigail, he will show the court that she is a liar, even though this would cost John his own reputation in the town. However, at the end of the play, he recants (takes back) his confession because he does not want his reputation to be tarnished. Although reputation is shown to be a good thing, Miller ultimately questions whether it is worth dying for.

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The video above shows Arthur Miller speaking at an event to commemorate the 855th anniversary of the Salem witch trials. He talks about his own motivation in writing the play, and provides a great insight into the link between the hysteria of the witch trials and the Communist trials of the 6955s.

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Danforth summons Putnam into the room, where Corey repeats his allegation that Putnam told his daughter to accuse George Jacobs so that Putnam could buy the land when Jacobs was hanged. Corey says that he has a witness, although refuses to give the name of the witness because he fears the consequences for the man (either from Putnam, Danforth, or both). Danforth arrests Corey for contempt of court.

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