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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:43

What's the most effective way to provide directions for teachers and students web-based, print-based, or both? In most cases, it's best to provide many different options. Some people like to read off the screen, while others prefer printed directions.

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Our customizable Creative Writing Certificate program provides individualized guidance from experienced instructors who have published works in a variety of genres. The certificate offers plenty of elective options as well as schedule flexibility. Push through writing blocks and develop your own unique voice as you work to successfully achieve your writing goals.

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If you're planning to use Microsoft Word for creating a print document, you can convert this document to a PDF file and a HTML web page. To learn this process, read Building Web pages with Microsoft Word from Teacher Tap ( Word version or PDF version).

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The computed values of the writing-mode , direction , and text-orientation properties (even on elements to which these properties themselves don’t apply [CSS-CASCADE-9] ) are broadly able to influence the computed values of other, unrelated properties through calculations such as the computation of font-relative lengths or the cascade of flow-relative properties which purposefully depend on the computed writing mode or on font metrics that can depend on the writing mode.

For example, in vertical writing modes, table rows are vertical and table columns are horizontal. In a vertical-rl mixed rtl table, the first column would be on the bottom (the inline-start side), and the first row on the right (the block-start side). The table’s margin-right and margin-left would collapse with margins before (on the right) and after (on the left) the table, respectively, and if the table had auto values for margin-top and margin-bottom it would be centered vertically within its block flow.

In modern typographic systems, all glyphs are assigned a horizontal orientation, which is used when laying out text horizontally. To lay out vertical text, the UA needs to transform the text from its horizontal orientation. This transformation is the bi-orientational transform , and there are two types:

The margin collapsing rules apply exactly with the block-start margin substituted for the top margin and the block-end margin substituted for the bottom margin. Similarly the block-start padding and border are substituted for the top padding and border, and the block-end padding and border substituted for the bottom padding and border. Note this means only block-start and block-end margins ever collapse.

Increasingly tutorial developers are using PowerPoint, videos, and Flash animation to create tutorials. These don't need to be completed. For example, check out the animated gif used in this Inspiration: Adding Ideas with Rapid Fire example.

A renderer is conformant to this specification if, in addition to interpreting the style sheet as defined by the appropriate specifications, it supports all the features defined by this specification by parsing them correctly and rendering the document accordingly. However, the inability of a UA to correctly render a document due to limitations of the device does not make the UA non-conformant. (For example, a UA is not required to render color on a monochrome monitor.)

People tend to use documentation in three ways. First, to get started. Some people don't know how to open it , install it , or play the game. You need documentation to help users begin using the materials. Second, you need help when you have a specific question that can't be answered through experimentation. Third, you need help in applying the skills to new activities and projects.

The change from horizontal to vertical writing can affect not just the layout, but also the typesetting. For example, the position of a punctuation mark within its spacing box can change from the horizontal to the vertical case, and in some cases alternate glyphs are used.

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