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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 20:48

Thanks for your advice but a career counselor at school says that i should drop out further maths and computer Science, instead i should apply for economics for a diversity. So is this the right suggestion.

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You have expressed a very clear and specific desire, which enables us to give correspondingly specific and clear advice: you should study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, dropping Maths at AS and you should get A* in all of them.

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For instance, if you were to take Sport Science, you would ideally want to have either Maths or Chemistry with it to give you a broader base on options for further study. If you were to take Business Studies, you would definitely want to have Maths as well, as without it you would struggle with related degrees, such as Business, Accounting or Economics.

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Many music degrees have performance, theory, history and composition components. A-level Music, along with a high standard on at least one musical instrument (with practical and theory exam grades to prove it), will be essential or highly desirable. In addition to your main instrument, Grade 5 piano is often considered desirable. If your school doesn’t offer A-level music, some universities will accept ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory instead (note that A-level Music Technology is unlikely to be considered a suitable alternative to A-level Music). Other than music, it’s up to you what else you study essay-based subjects are useful, and it’s often said that musicians make good mathematicians (and vice versa)!

I 8767 m afraid that a good grade in Maths is essential for a computer science degree we recommend Maths, Further Maths and a science such as Physics for a Computer Science application, and many schools won 8767 t let you take Further Maths without at least an A at GCSE.

Sorry I do have a lot of questions but I 8767 m finding it very hard to work out what to do and as I am the oldest child, I don 8767 t have an older sibling to question! Any answers would be much appreciated, thanks.

Undecided on university choices I have taken up English, Biology Psychology and RS for AS and will drop RS and continue with the rest for A level next year. Could you advise what profession/uni courses I am opening up with these subjects?

Choosing Physics instead of French or History would strengthen your set of A-levels it would help your understanding of medical instrumentation, for example so do consider this option. Remember that Medicine is unbelievably competitive, so you would be well advised to understand and implement the aggregation of marginal gains in your medical application.

I didn 8767 t know about Manchester offering a fashion business course. That 8767 s really encouraging but it 8767 s extremely expensive since I am an international student and I don 8767 t have the richest of parents, but that you for letting me know about it. I didn 8767 t even know fashion managing or fashion marketing existed.

In general we don 8767 t recommend taking both English Literature and English Language. You may want to consider taking a science or Geography as your fourth subject instead, to broaden your knowledge base. However, as your core three subjects are very strong, what you take for your fourth subject doesn 8767 t matter hugely.

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