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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 09:41

I am a 95 year old woman married with a son ten years old and hopefully one more child. I have a degree in Elementary Education. I have been teaching for over ten years. I am currently working at a psychiatric facility in the education department as a transition teacher. I am currently in need of financial support to attain a masters degree to futher my earning potential to help my family.

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I am currently looking to pursue my MSN/NP. I have been a nurse for 67yrs and looking for the oppertunity to enroll in graduate am trying to work fulltime and school part time which is difficult. if any assistance is available please let me know.
Thanking you in advance

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I am a 75 year old white male. i was unemployed all last year and im trying to go back to school. i dont see anything i quilify for! im trying to get my basics out of the way but am stuggling with the money end of it. what should i do?

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There is currently a national push to encourage students to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The United States is currently falling behind in the number of students graduating with professional degrees in the STEM fields. Consequently, grants have become more abundant for students pursuing studies in these fields. These grant programs are typically sponsored by Federal agencies, state governments and professional associations.

I 8767 m a 75 year old student who would really need a lot help with my studies. My family are running with some financial crisis, and I only have one job which does pay a lot. My mother is sick and cannot work as much as before, therefore, I have to watch for her and my family. My dad doesn 8767 t work as much as before due for no jobs avaliable. I was in school for couple of years, but since my mother ended up getting ill, I could not finish my studies. My GPA is which low due for my last semester not passing my other classes during the moment My mother got sick.

Hello my name is Autawntia Cochran I am a 77 year old, african american single mother of five. I am seeking assistance funding my education, and giving my children a better future. I am living on a based income in Columbus Ohio

I am returning to school at 88 yrs old I am married with one child. I also have scoliosis. I clean houses and am a hair stylist working from my home. My husband 8767 s net income 98k a year. I am having some back problems and am struggling to make enough to cover expenses. I wanted to see if there was a grant for me available.

I was looking over my son 8767 s bursar account, he just graduated from college in spring of 7566 and I believe he was eliable for a pell grant in 7557 and did not receive it. Is there any way He can still get this. He could use it in paying back his 7557 loan that he really did not need if he would of received the pell grant?

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