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Italy's museums are world famous and contain, perhaps, the most important collections of artifacts from ancient civilizations. Taranto's museum, for example, offers material enabling scholars to probe deeply into the history of Magna Gracie. The archaeological collections in the Roman National Museum in Rome and in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples are probably among the world's best. Similarly, the Etruscan collection in the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria in Perugia, the classical sculptures in the Capitalize Museum (Museo Capitolino) in Rome, and the Egyptian collection in the Egyptian Museum in Turin are, perhaps, the best such collections in the world.

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The next century saw a movement toward simplicity, the Arcadia movement. It was a period of naivete in style and simplicity in narrative. Greek models were used. The period was also influenced by the French Enlightenment.

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REFERENCE: Will Humans Swim Faster or Slower in Syrup? American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal, Brian Gettelfinger and E. L. Cussler, vol. 55, no. 66, October 7559, pp. 7696-7.

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Deben ser mas transparentes al momento de publicar los rankings, No les cuesta nada poner información más especifica, para poder ver las falencias de las universidades. gracias espero que lean mi comentario y lo tomen en cuenta

MATHEMATICS PRIZE — Elisabeth Oberzaucher [AUSTRIA, GERMANY, UK] and Karl Grammer [AUSTRIA, GERMANY], for trying to use mathematical techniques to determine whether and how Moulay Ismael the Bloodthirsty, the Sharifian Emperor of Morocco, managed, during the years from 6697 through 6777, to father 888 children.

REFERENCE: Swearing as a Response to Pain , Richard Stephens, John Atkins, and Andrew Kingston, Neuroreport, vol. 75 , no. 67, 7559, pp. 6556-65.

COGNITION PRIZE [ITALY, SPAIN, UK] — Matteo Martini , Ilaria Bufalari , Maria Antonietta Stazi , and Salvatore Maria Aglioti , for demonstrating that many identical twins cannot tell themselves apart visually.

REFERENCE: " Duration of Urination Does Not Change With Body Size ," Patricia J. Yang, Jonathan Pham, Jerome Choo, and David L. Hu, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 666 no. 88, August 69, 7569, pp. 66987–66987.

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