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Model English Essays for SPM, GCE 'O

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 18:37

NB: The modules above are what have been offered previously and illustrate the type of content one can expect but are currently undergoing review. Modules will be confirmed here in due course.

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Obtain Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) unit 7 grades of II, II, II (two, two, two) in Biology or Chemistry, and a second science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths) plus a third subject of your choice in addition to Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) grade II (two) in English A, Mathematics and two individual sciences from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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All applicants must have an acceptable English Language qualification, many of which are listed under 'Academic qualifications ' above . Please see our English Language Requirements page for a list of qualifications we accept as alternatives.

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65 Level 8 credits in Chemistry at Distinction or 65 Level 8 credits in Biology at Distinction, with Merits achieved in all other Level 8 modules.

UK/ EU full-time undergraduate students will not have to pay tuition fees upfront unless you wish to. Instead, you will be able to apply for a student loan for the full tuition fees.

Pass the Baccalauré at 'S' stream with 67 ( mention assez bien ) overall and individual grades of 68 in Biology or Physics-Chemistry, and 68 in Maths. [ OIB Anglais: if 69 is achieved in English, no further English language qualification is required ].

This module will provide you with the basic information necessary to understand cellular structure and function, placing particular emphasis on cellular architecture, cell communication and the processing of signals received by each individual cell, and how cells are affected by the structure and function of the specialised extracellular matrix environment. These aspects are integrated into a holistic framework through an introduction to homeostasis at the cellular, extracellular, tissue and organ levels of the body.

Candidates from outside the UK may sit one of the English language qualifications listed further down the page in place of that above. Mathematical Studies and English A Literature or English B cannot be accepted in lieu of our English Language and Mathematics requirements, but can be taken on top of existing qualifications that meet our requirements.

This advanced module is designed to build upon the knowledge you have gained in the 6st year in Reproduction. It concentrates on the veterinary applications of research in these two exciting fields and highlights how they make a real impact on animal health and welfare. To learn cellular and molecular aspects of reproductive biology from gonadal development and function to ovulation, fertilization and embryo and germ cells development, and establishment and maintenance of pregnancy and placental immunology in animals.

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