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Neither they of the priesthood , nor clergymen , nor laymen , who are invited to a love feast , may take away their portions, for this is to cast reproach on the ecclesiastical order.

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The Novatianists were started by an elder named Novatian around . 755 in Rome. Novatian objected to the forgiveness of those who lapsed during persecution. The churches did not agree with him, so he found three bishops willing to ordain him a bishop, and he formed his own schism.

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Since custom and ancient tradition have prevailed that the Bishop of Ælia [ ., Jerusalem ] should be honoured, let him, saving its due dignity to the Metropolis, have the next place of honour.

This simply says that no one who is a eunuch—castrated— by his own design may remain a bishop or elder. Also, in the future, no one should be appointed elder who is castrated by their own will.

These duties almost exclusively had to do with women, and they were especially needed at baptism for the sake of modesty. Sometimes, though, they would instruct the female catechumens as well. They were never allowed to teach men.

The Viaticum is a last rite. The editors of The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers xa5 say that it applies to "everything that could be conducive to the happy death of the person concerned."

The holy synod which assembled at Laodicea in Phrygia Pacatiana , from various regions of Asia set forth the ecclesiastical definitions which are hereunder annexed.

CONCERNING the departing, the ancient canonical law is still to be maintained, to wit, that, if any man be at the point of death, he must not be deprived of the last and most indispensable Viaticum. But, if any one should be restored to health again who has received the communion when his life was despaired of, let him remain among those who communicate in prayers only. But in general, and in the case of any dying person whatsoever asking to receive the Eucharist, let the Bishop, after examination made, give it him.

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