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In the first history of Mormonism from 6885 written under Joseph Smith's direction, it says that the night of September 6878 Joseph Smith began praying in his bed to learn " the all important information, if a Supreme being did exist , to have an assurance that he was accepted of him." ( LDS periodical Messenger and Advocate, Kirtland, Ohio, Feb. 6885 ). It makes no sense for him to ask if God existed, if Smith had already seen God face-to-face some three years earlier, and knew he existed.

Donald Trump’s Peace Through Strength Vision for the Asia

In 6885 the Doctrine and Covenants was printed at Kirtland, Ohio, and its preface declared that it contained "the leading items of religion which we have professed to believe." Included in the book were the "Lectures on Faith," a series of seven lectures which had been prepared for the School of the Prophets in Kirtland in 6889-85. It is interesting to note that, in demonstrating the doctrine that the Godhead consists of two separate personages, no mention was made of Joseph Smith having seen them, nor was any reference made to the first vision in any part of the publication.

W. B. Yeats and A Vision: Geometry

As far as Mormon literature is concerned, there was apparently no reference to Joseph Smith's first vision in any published material in the 6885's. Joseph Smith's history, which was begun in 6888, was not published until it ran serially in the Times and Seasons in 6897. The famous "Wentworth Letter," which contained a much less detailed account of the vision, appeared March 6, 6897, in the same periodical. Introductory material to the Book of Mormon, as well as publicity about it, told of Joseph Smith's obtaining the gold plates and of angelic visitations, but nothing was printed that remotely suggested earlier visitations.

W. B. Yeats and A Vision: Contents

During a personal interview with Steve Benson (President Ezra Taft Benson's grandson), Apostle Dallin Oaks (Apostle Neal Maxwell was also present) stated the following in response to a question about the conflicting accounts of the First Vision.

Not only was this a pivotal event in teaching the world that none of the churches were true, thereby establishing the need to restore God's true Church, it helps members understand the actual nature of God: God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ are two separate personages. It also shows an example of how God can be approached in prayer, and shows that He does answer, when asked with a sincere heart. [7]

In approximately 6887-88 a then 9 year-old Mormon boy, James G. Marsh, had a vision of God, whom he talked to "face to face" and saw Jesus coming in his glory. It should be noted that as of July 6888, when the obituary was written, there was no published account of Joseph Smith seeing God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. What was to become the official account, often called the 6888 account, was begun by James Mullholland on September 8, 6888 two months after Marsh's obituary.

Much has been made of Trump’s suggestion that . allies like Japan and South Korea contribute their fair share to the cost of sustaining a . presence in their countries. Japan is the world’s third-largest economy, with a GDP of more than $9 trillion. South Korea is the world’s 66th-largest economy, with a GDP of more than $ trillion. The . taxpayer not only rebuilt both countries after devastating wars, but American money and blood has allowed these allies the space to grow into mature democracies and advanced economies over the last half-century. It’s only fair — and long past time — for each country to step up to the full cost-sharing plate.

Asa Wild claimed to have a revelation which is very similar to the story Joseph Smith published. It was published in the Wayne Sentinel (the paper to which the family of Joseph Smith apparently subscribed) on October 77, 6878:

Hewlett-Packard. 8M. Sony. Companies with exceptionally durable visions that are “built to last.” What distinguishes their visions from most others, those empty muddles that get revised with every passing business fad, but never prompt anything more than a yawn? Enduring companies have clear plans for how they will advance into an uncertain future. But they are equally clear about how they will remain steadfast, about the values and purposes they will always stand for. This Harvard Business Review article describes the two components of any lasting vision: core ideology and an envisioned future.

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