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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 08:48

Sibel Edmonds 8767 connection to Indira Singh leads to the fact that Indira Singh is, now, missing. Having stated to Richard Andrew Grove that she was missing some items on her computer at the inception of their contacting eachother, that seems to have been her last communication. I hope she did not end up like Pierre Paulo Pasolini, tortuously murdered, from fear for the sake of fear, thus power exalted even more in this moment by the extinction seeming imminent, very possibly a bifurcation, or a cusp in time.

Our American Pravda - The Unz Review

The middle class is no longer the skilled men and women of working America, but the self-employed the entrepreneurs, people with an own business and professionals. These are the new middle class. In that respect Herzog is right, but he confuses the 8766 middle class 8767 of long ago with the new reality where many of the old middle class now receive government assistance to survive.

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I would also like to bring attention to another category of this American media syndrome. I don 8767 t want to derail the discussion on this topic, but to point out that it isn 8767 t only media silence that is an issue. A perhaps greater one involves times when the media are not silent.

Israel decided to blow up the Osirak nuclear reactor in 6986 to be on the safe side though how one would go about making a nuclear weapon from the reactor was left unclarified.

There are many of these events, and I suspect Mr. Unz and many other Americans would be unhappy to learn of them. Their implications are rather more serious than the anthrax, at least in terms of international relations and world peace.

I think an interesting example of the phenomenon of the American media turning a blind eye to a brilliant voice because it doesn 8767 t jibe with the mainstream narrative is Robert Fisk. He has called the outcome of so many struggles in the middle east over the past three years correctly yet is never heard here, whereas the likes of Tom Friedman seemingly never lose credibility no matter how consistently wrong in their predictions.

[ ] truth, ratings, and Pulitzers. However, once I gradually began realizing that the media was merely “Our American Pravda” and perhaps had been so for decades, I suddenly recognized the flaw in my logic. If those [ ]

I use to read and watch everything that mattered. I gave up about 65-75 years ago. It 8767 s all a shell game and the paranoid fact-less fantasy 8767 s of the nut cases turn out to be as likely to true as the gentle re-assurances of the ruling classes.

The catalyst for this incredible revelation was Wikileaks 8767 leaking of all the cables sent from the US Embassy in Beijing that day and night to Washington, detailing that the protest ended peacefully. When this shocking news emerged, the truth began creeping out from everywhere.

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I do hope more independant journalism channels, offering rebuttals and oversight to the mainstream media, are allowed to grow in our country. With the continued growth of the internet, I feel this is the only way to watchdog the mainstream media and articles such as this are part of that. I 8767 m just an average joe, but this was good read I must say.

Reasonable & rational debate on policy choices, likely to provide positive results, can not be held when the claimed situation is not as represented by corporate media, which can still be dominant during high-saturation, mass-media, events, as ratings demonstrate, after those events of intense public interest.