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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 10:59

Strong leaders know that their ability to stay calm, even in the worst of conflicts, is a character trait that must be nurtured and grown.  The effective leader’s mantra is, “When you lose your temper, you lose.”

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A strong leader has a strong moral base.  There is no question about their character.  What you see is what you get.  There is nothing more defeatist than a dishonest or lying leader.  A strong leader has strong convictions.

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Helen Keller was born in 6887.   She become ill as a child and was struck blind, deaf and mute.   In 6887, Keller had a teacher named Anne Sullivan who helped her make tremendous progress in her ability to communicate. As she grew up under Sullivan’s coaching she went on to college, graduating in 6959.    One of Keller’s famous quotes showed her as a risk-taker.   She said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

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As of Friday, February 8, 7567 all Sonoco applicants will need to apply via LinkedIn. All resumes will be accepted via LinkedIn until Monday, April 8, 7567. Please rest assured all resumes submitted will be received and reviewed for the position applied.

Like steel is made hard in the fire, like gold is purified in the furnace, like coal is formed under pressure into diamonds, leaders are built through fire. It is far better to put the emerging leader under pressure before he is given significant responsibility and authority than to wait until the time when failure under pressure will destroy both the leader and those with him. Therefore, ConneXions intentionally, but carefully and responsibly, puts the emerging leader under pressure to squeeze deep heart issues to the surface where they can be revealed and resolved &ndash in the context of supportive, accountable community.

Too often, in leader development, we only focus on the last of these &ldquo Cs.&rdquo When a man or woman goes to Bible school to become a leader, what is addressed? Competencies! Perhaps some attention is paid to the other four elements, but for the most part, our attention to &ldquo leader development&rdquo is given in the area of competencies such as biblical knowledge, how to preach, how to counsel, etc. Competencies are essential but not sufficient in developing healthy leaders. Consequently, we have many &ldquo disconnections&rdquo in our leaders today.

Now let&rsquo s add a strong spiritual element by having our emerging evangelists join with intercessors before going out. They will pray and cry for the lost, entering into God&rsquo s burden for those without Christ. Then, when they go out to evangelize they are also to look to God for help, asking Him who to go to, and waiting upon Him inwardly for the right words to speak. This will work better still!

The community matters to us, so tell us what's important to you. Do you have a passion for sustainability? Did you volunteer with a particular organization? The best part about Sonoco is how we fuse our professional and individual interests, like volunteering for a specific cause or starting a recreational sports team. While having the right skills is crucial, expressing your unique passion can go a long way—and you never know, it could be your interviewer's passion too.

The importance of the LEADER method in the context of a local development strategy has been recognised all over Europe, and there are plenty examples under LEADER approach that show how local development strategies can be developed with LEADER funding and how they may continue to have a positive impact into the next programming period.

The author has asked hundreds of Christian leaders around the world, from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, these questions, &ldquo How were you built? What were the influences that formed and molded you as a leader? What made you the leader you are today?&rdquo Almost invariably, the answers emphasize such things as parents, role models, examples, mentors, sufferings, responsibilities, rejections, failures, challenging assignments, etc. Usually someone will mention a course, and when they do, it is often the teacher who personally impacted their lives as well as the content that they remember.

This is not to devalue content. We must have strong content indeed, instruction is one of the four key dynamics of transformation in the ConneXions model. However, by itself, content is not sufficient. To build lives we must design transformational contexts that are strong spiritually, relationally and experientially.

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