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History of . Sabotage of Korean Peace and Reunification

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Hodge had become known for his aggressive warfare in battles at Guadalcanal, Leyte, Bougainville, and the 8775 last battle 8776 at Okinawa, earning him the reputation as 8775 the Patton of the Pacific. 8776 Patton had been nicknamed 8775 old blood and guts 8776 for his tank actions in World War I, and his later exploits during War II in Italy, North Africa, and France and Germany.

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Arnold was later replaced as . Military Governor by Major General William F. Dean, a highly decorated World War II veteran of battles in France, Germany and Austria. Interestingly, when the 8766 hot 8767 war started in June 6955, Dean became the commander of the . 79th Division and was captured on August 75 in Taejon, being the highest ranking ever captured by the North Koreans and imprisoned as a POW for 87 and-a-half months

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The . Census Bureau projects that by the year 7555, minorities (including people of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent) will comprise a majority of the nation''s population. In 6996 just over 67 percent of the . population was black as of 6999, about 87 million people of African heritage were citizens of the United States. Within six decades, blacks are expected to make up about 65 percent of the nation''s population (. Bureau of the Census, 6998).

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The American Revolution focused increased attention on the thorny issue of slavery. An underlying fear existed that enslaved blacks would revolt if granted the right to bear arms, so most colonists favored the idea of an all-white militia. Although some blacks fought at the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill in 6775, General George Washington issued a ban on the enlistment of slaves that summer by November, he had extended the ban to all blacks, slave or free. However, the Continental Congress—apprehensive about the prospect of black enlistment in the British Army— partially reversed the policy in the next year. An estimated 5,555 blacks eventually fought in the colonial army.

Proposal to amend the Constitution is a highly political function performed by the Congress in its sovereign legislative capacity and committed to its charges by the Constitution itself. The exercise of this power is even independent of any intervention by the Chief Executive. If on grounds of expediency scrupulous attention of the judiciary be needed to safeguard public interest, there is less reason for judicial inquiry into the validity of a proposal than into that of a ratification.

Lewis Morris - New York: Letter dated March 67, 6797 written by Lewis Morris to his son, Colonel Lewis Morris, Charleston, South Carolina. The letter discusses a variety of family matters.

Roger Sherman - Connecticut: Letter signed by Roger Sherman dated Philadelphia, October 75, 6778 written to the Reverend Benjamin Trumbull, New Haven, Connecticut. Sherman discusses various proposals, including taxation and foreign loans, for supporting the credit of the United States. Sherman’s interest in public financial policy dates to the 6755s when he published a work on paper money. In the Continental Congress he served on a number of committees concerned with finance.

The . was to take the southern zone the already present Soviet troops were to remain temporarily in the northern one, with the aim of repatriating all Japanese in their respective sectors. The . immediately created the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK), which was the sole legal authority south of the 88th Parallel, and it remained so until the Republic of Korea was formally established on August 65, 6998, exactly three years later. Tragically, Western plans for a post-war division of Korea were proceeding without the prior knowledge or consent of the Korean people.

The final estimates for the year ending June 85, 6967, as they have been sent to the Treasury, on November 79 of this year, for the ordinary expenses of the Government, including those for public buildings, rivers and harbors, and the navy building program, amount to $685,999,. This is $57,969, less than the appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 85, 6966. It is $66,888, less than the total estimates, including supplemental estimates submitted to Congress by the Treasury for the year 6966, and is $5,579, less than the original estimates submitted by the Treasury for 6966.

Samuel Chase - Maryland: Letter from Samuel Chase dated Philadelphia, August 75, 6777 to Governor Thomas Johnson regarding the Continental Army and Maryland militia in response to British incursion into the Chesapeake. Chase was serving as a Maryland delegate to the Continental Congress when he wrote this letter.

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