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Loneliness is totally different from solitary. Solitary doesn't accompany with negative emotions such as fear and sadness while loneliness do. One can feel lonely when distress and one can enjoy work things alone without feeling lonely. So, when one is accompanied with negative emotions, it is possible for one to feel lonely. The negative emotions are usually associated with fear, anxiety, depression, guilt and etc. Also, loneliness can also make a person thinks negatively which normally links to depression. Sometimes, to an extreme extend, loneliness can cause one to suicide or self-injured.

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Moreover the Wheelers are rich in innovation. After establishing the organization, they had cultivated more of innovation and slowly broadened their scope discussed in the guidebooks. From the simplest normal guidebook and now publishing budget guides, food guides, specialized activity guidebook, phrasebook and so on, up to date, they had published more than 655 guidebooks and they have many authors that are still travelling all around the world and were writing for Lonely Planet publication.

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Cole can imagine giving people medications to treat loneliness, particularly when it exacerbates chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These could be betablockers, which reduce the physical effects of stress anti-inflammatory medicine or even Tylenol—since physical and emotional pain overlap, it turns out that Tylenol can reduce the pain of heartbreak.

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Here we can clearly see the interfaces between literature and culture. Literature along with the other arts is one aspect that belongs to the “behaving of a particular group of people”. On the one hand literature shapes culture and on the other hand culture influences literature that reflects cultural phenomena as a consequence. Culture is both “a set of ideas beliefs, and ways of behaving” and the group of people that is characterized by this “set of ideas, beliefs and ways of behaving”. This should be kept in mind when the term culture is used in the following chapters.

“Meanwhile Tolroy gone down by the bottom of the train, stumbling over suitcase and baggage as he trying to see everybody what coming off the train at the same time.

The second effect of loneliness is depression and suicide. It is dangerous when adolescences experience loneliness with completely sense of hopelessness, results in despair and can sometimes lead to suicide. When we feel really lonely, we can feel really depress lost the ways to solve their problems cause us to feel worthless. Since lonely, depress persons are likely to think negatively, they tend to feel selfish for not thinking of others who cares for them. This kind of situation can be very likely to give us an unconsciously feeling or thought for an attempt to suicide.

Studies show that acute loneliness and social isolation can impact gravely on wellbeing and quality of life, with demonstrable negative health effects.( 8 ) Being lonely has a significant and lasting negative effect on blood pressure. It is also associated with depression (either as a cause or as a consequence) and higher rates of mortality. ( 7, 9, 5, 6 )

Acculturation is a phenomenon whose importance is more and more increasing due to our modern society that is becoming more mobile and the world becoming more and more a place in which people move either freely or forced (refugees, emigrants looking for a better place to live etc.). Of course, there are certain obstacles that make this process of mobility more difficult. People from one culture leave their roots and start a new life in a new culture. As a consequence, they are forced to adapt to and to adopt this new culture to a certain extent. This is a very complex progress that is described by cultural studies.

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