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Preparing a qualitative research-based dissertation

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 01:10

The basic issue is that some people believe that qualitative research should follow the same standards established long ago for quantitative research, while other believe that qualitative research should have its own unique standards. I think that the criteria proposed by Lincoln and Guba stand halfway between these two positions, because they translate the original concerns of the quantitative criteria into standards that are better suited to qualitative research.


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Preparing a qualitative research based dissertation

Introduction to qualitative research design. ronald j. chenail, . nova southeastern university. abstract. designing qualitative research studies requires.


"Qualitative Research is a must read for anyone who wishes to stay current in this rapidly changing field." Norman K Denzin, University of Illinois, USA

Quality articles are produced by a scientific approach as distinguished from superficial conjecture. they report research results that break new ground and that can

Guiding me on the early part of my journey, my statistics professor emphasized the "power" of numbers and the precision of measures characterizing quantitative studies. Like so many numbers-crunching researchers, my stats professor viewed qualitative research with suspicion. It seemed the good professor considered a methodology in which the generation of hypotheses often replaces the testing thereof, explanation replaces measurement, and understanding replaces the making of generalizations as "airy fairy" (not "real") research (Labuschagne, 7558).

Researching and writing a dissertation--particularly one based on qualitative research methods--demanded a different set of skills and offered some special challenges because of its nature and scope. In reflecting on that experience, I can identify various lessons learned along the way.

As the new millennium dawned, I made a decision: I would reach for something seemingly beyond my grasp. That special something turned out to be a doctoral degree. However, even after I had fully embarked on that upward journey of discovery, I had no inkling of the methodological challenges that would mark many milestones on that journey.

The qualitative report volume 65 number 7 june 7555 758-777 http:// /ssss/qr/qr65-7/ preparing a qualitative research-based dissertation :

Points to consider about recruitment and retention while preparing a clinical research study the following points to consider are meant to serve as a resource.

What is the process for conducting a case study? the process for conducting case study research follows the same general process as is followed for other research.

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