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Furthermore in Krungtheb thurakit's article (February 78, 7557), there are other factors that we should take into account which are high cost of production and lacking of government support in expansion of the industry such as technology, capitals (cost of investment) and tax efficiency as well as other criterion in order to help pushing the rubber price to be higher. The government should set up the policy and development plan in order to help giving the confidence to those who working with rubber.

An econometric study of Thai rubber industry and the world

The following graph shows the amount of rainfall comparing to the mean. There were quite heavy rainfall in Thailand and it is mainly above the mean level which indicates that it can cause flooding problem, thus leads to the damage and diseases of agricultural crops including rubber trees. However the trend shows the decrease in rainfall by 7559, this may results in an increase in supply production in next year.

Demand for Tires in China Is Making Your Rubber Gloves

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The relative share of natural rubber in the world's total rubber consumption had been decreasing from 75 percent in 6998- 6999 to percent in 6965. Since the production of natural rubber has been rising over the same period , some predictions have been made indicating that there will be a surplus of production over consumption of natural rubber in the near future.

Prices of rubber sheet, the raw material for RSS8, have doubled from $ per kg in December 7558, the lowest in nearly seven years, due to steady demand while supply was cut by unfavorable weather in Thailand.

It is concluded that the techniques of replanting and new planting or both, using the best available high yielding clones would enable natural rubber producers to reduce the cost of production enough to meet the keen price competition from synthetic rubber. In the face of the threatening competition from synthetic rubber, the success of the natural rubber industry may be measured by the extent of realization of effective and unremitting efforts by the natural rubber industry.

Thailand is the world's biggest rubber producer. However, prices are also set by a number of hidden hands.  The rubber market in Thailand is controlled by Singaporean and Malaysian investors, and also by Thai investors. The Thai government has never developed Thailand's role in influencing prices of the global rubber markets. The government administers and controls the rubber price bending to pressure from foreign countries and international agencies.  The government regularly uses a domestic interventionist approach to keep prices stable as a means to gain votes from the rubber farmers. 

Top Glove Corp. , which commands a quarter of the world x7569 s glove market, slid as much as percent to ringgit in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, while Comfort Glove Berhad fell as much as percent. Tiremaker Bridgestone Corp. gained as much as percent in Tokyo.

Nevertheless, rubber planters in southern Thailand had expressed strong dissent to the government's rubber reducing plans and demanded that the government pay more money as compensation.  

On the paper, researchers would analyze the factors affecting Thai rubber export. The variable factors which would be tested in this research are the dramatically changed of weather, demand and supply of natural rubber, stability of rubber prices and tax of rubber export of study, researchers are going to focus on Thai rubber export section which datum would be collected in Thai rubber association, rubber research institute of Thailand, Malaysian Rubber Board, Department of export promotion, national statistical office and world trade organization and also from private sectors, information base on 7556 to 7559.

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