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The Scarlet Letter essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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As Dimmesdale is not yet completely ready to expiate his sin, the scene is enacted at the dead of the night with Chillingworth standing below the platform, gazing at the threesome in the glow of a strange light. This leads to the actual consummation of the die action in the third scaffold scene.

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Dimmesdale is, therefore, a ceaseless sufferer. On many occasions, he tries to confess his guilt: he pronounces from his pulpit his vile and degraded state he confesses that he is the &ldquo the worst of sinners and abomination, a thing of unimaginable iniquity&rdquo &ndash and the people but &ldquo reverence him the more&rdquo . The supposed confession is meaningless for the words are mere utterances of breath, of the flesh they are but body, not &lsquo soul.&rsquo

In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter, the scaffold is a place of both humiliation and reconciliation. The scaffold appears three times throughout the novel at the beginning, middle, and end. The novels four major characters and the scarlet letter A  are present in all scaffold scenes. The scenes maintain an outline for the story and emphasize the novels most significant themes. The scaffold is inserted into the story for its practical purposes but begins to represent and personify various other connotations as the novel progresses.

The theme of Frustration and Guilt is operative in The Scarlet Letter. Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale in the protective gloom of the forest surrounding Boston have had their fateful reunion. While Pearl has been discreetly sent out hearing range, the martyred lovers have unburdened themselves. Hester has revealed identity of Chillingworth and has succeeded winning Dimmesdale s forgiveness for her previous secrecy. Dimmesdale has explained the agony of his seven torment. Self-pity and compassion have led unexpectedly to a revival of desire they affirm the purity of their deed.

The final scaffold scene is the denouement of the story. We are prepared for this scene by Hawthorne&rsquo s focusing attention on Hester&rsquo s scarlet letter which has become a familiar sight in the town. It is the Election Day, a public holiday and many strangers are also among the crowd in the market place to watch the procession of the town worthies. People crowd around her with their gaze fixed at her bosom. Some sailors and some Indians are also among the crowd. Their curious gaze gives Hester a burning sensation in her bosom, and the scarlet letter sears her breast more painfully than at any time before.

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