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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 22:59

Thesis has been around for a couple of years, and, it would appear, finally has some reasonably close competition. That can only be a good thing for you and I as end users. Regardless of which framework you choose, you know that development is going to be pushed forward that much faster with more competition. That 8767 s a win for everyone involved!

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How to apply Checkland 696 s soft systems methodology in practice, written by people who did their doctoral research under Checkland. Easier to follow, and more practical, than Checkland 696 s own writing. And the authors are local academics, so you can always ask them directly if you don 696 t understand something.

The Best Way to Write a Thesis Statement (with Examples)

When Thesis dropped, Thesis added the new Loop API. This enables you to create absolutely any kind of template for absolutely any page on your website. Talk about game changing. Genesis does offer similar functionality with the genesis_loop hook, but it doesn 8767 t offer quite the same flexibility or ease of use.

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Thesis does not offer in-house child themes as of yet, but if you google 8775 Thesis skins 8776 you 8767 ll find quite a few Thesis designs some premium and some free.

I 8767 m unashamedly a Thesis fan and user. Hands down, my sites rank the fastest and best with the Thesis theme, and my small business clients realize the same results. The SEO structure is incredible, and makes my job a lot easier. I 8767 ve tried other themes (although not Genesis), and their performance can 8767 t compare.

I have been debating Thesis versus Genesis for a large multi-site network of real estate neighborhood blogs. After reading this it sounds like Genesis is the way to go. However I have a question on footers and customizations.

"External validity -- that is, the validity of inferences that go beyond the data -- is the crux. Increasing internal validity by elegant design often reduces relevance." 96 p 7 98

In terms of moderation, I meant that within the Genesis boards, threads are closed a lot more as soon as the OP has had their issue satisfied. It may seem a trivial thing, and occasionally frustrating to arrive just after a Mod has been and closed it when I want to contribute to the solution, but it does keep everything focused and doesn 8767 t allow threads to become polluted. In saying that, I do recognise Shelley did/does a *lot* of useful thread organisation, merging, splitting and so on, but that may be my point it doesn 8767 t seem to get to that stage within the Genesis boards. Imagine how many rainy day naps you could take, or how many more tutorials you could write if the Thesis boards were more self-governed, or if you had 5 moderators to do the admin work :-)

Yea, Shelley is amazing! She pretty much hand-crafted the entire user-guide for Thesis, over at http:///thesis/rtfm. Me, on the other hand, you 8767 ll find over on /thesis. So let 8767 s give a shout out to Shelly in the article!

Of course, the Thesis documentation is absolutely rock solid, and has gotten a big boost recently with the addition of Derek Halpern to the Thesis team as well as the talents of a certain girlie. You 8767 ll find detailed documentation for every Thesis hook and filter along with a growing list of specific how-to 8767 s based around commonly used design elements. Again, being around for two years longer is a big advantage when it comes to things like documentation, but you definitely have to be impressed by the docs that Thesis offers.

Anyways more than anything I wanted to drop by and say great job on the post it 8767 s been well thought out, well written and I appreciate (as a hardcore Thesis user) your approach and professionalism with this responsibility.

Adam, like Nathan and Craig pointed out very thorough article, and thanks for writing it. I 8767 ll assume that a lot of people will end up here at the post to compare the two, so props for putting this together.

The design controls are invaluable to me as a custom theme developers. The ability to go in and setup all of my fonts and layouts in one pass saves me tons of time.

I 8767 m a PHP developer and I build Both Joomla and WordPress templates and I 8767 ve always done my templates starting from scratch, from a base scheleton and going over, sometimes enjoying Smarty framework for really customized projects. But the fact is that no matter how many lines you write describing a Item against another and how complete such comparation is, because you will never have the right idea until you do not try by your own.

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